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Skincare Blog

  • Weekly facial step by step

    Taking care of your skin includes a daily and weekly routine that can be done at home, it’s a plus to visit your esthetician at least once monthly. If you have your own routine great, if you need some help here is a guide, step by step don't miss any steps lol. Let's dive in:

    1. Cleansing remove dirt, oil and pollution from the air for the day. Start your routine on clean skin.  

  • EXPRESS Facial

    These products can be used daily. Treat your skin daily, consistency is the key to having healthy clear skin, if you don't take care of your skin, who will? 

    Your skin is the first thing people sees, when you self-care it shows in your demeanor.  Give yourself five minutes attention per day with this express facial. We recommend doing this facial in the mornings.

  • Wake up to glowing skin!

    A bedtime routine is very important since skincare products are more effective while we sleep. Feed your skin with Vitamin C this helps promote collagen production. This bundle includes:

    1. A cleanser, cleanse before bed, remove all dirt, oil or makeup from the day. 


  • At home facials just got easier!

    This bundle is a great skincare kit. This includes

    1. Vitamin c cleanser, cleanings is a must, it's very important to remove dirt, oil, makeup and pollution from the air daily. We commend cleansing twice daily, morning and at night.