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face vacuum cleaner
Face Vacuum Cleaner
Face Vacuum Cleaner
Face Vacuum Cleaner
Face Vacuum Cleaner
Face Vacuum Cleaner
Face Vacuum Cleaner

Face Vacuum Cleaner

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Acne Blackhead/whitehead Pimple Remover Electric Vacuum Cleaner. 
The Face Vacuum Cleaner is a personal tool that gives you the benefits of microdermabrasion at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost.
Using millions of natural mineral particles and vacuum-pressure V-type face lifting technology to peel and remove dead skin cells, on the top layer and suction to remove the particles along with dirt and blackheads.
Five different kinds of probes have different effects that make your skin smoother, clearer and with less fine lines. 
Main Features:
● 5 changeable beauty heads with different functions 

● 3 levels adjustable for different skins using 
The low gear is suitable for sensitive skin, medium gear is suitable for moderate blackhead skin, and high gear is suitable for large pores
and obvious blackheads skin.
● Scraping and cupping features to relaxing your skin
● USB charging, safe and convenient to use 
● Helps remove large pores, blackheads, wrinkles on your face and keep your skin clean and smooth 
● ABS material is environmental, safe, non-toxic and harmless to your skin 
● Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold
How to use:
STEP1: steam your face for about 5-10 minutes to open your pores, so that it's convenient to adsorb the blackheads. 
STEP 2: Choose a suitable suction head and level. Test the suction with your forearm before use. 
STEP 3: Select different tips and gears as needed, and move the tip to the skin and move quickly.
Do not stay for more than 2 seconds.
STEP 4:Apply a mask or serum to the nose for 10 minutes, shrink pores, and fully absorb
1. Please don't use it over 5 minutes a time to prevent from skin damage;
2.Please do not stay on one place too long to prevent from purple and red skin;
3. Please do not use it if your skin is broken and damaged; 
4.Dry skin can use it once a week, oily and mixed skin can use it twice a week;
5.It is normal that your skin will be a little red after using, the red will disappear in 5~10 minutes.
Package Contents: 
1 x Main Device
5 x Cosmetology Head
5 x Sponge
2 x Rubber Ring
1 x USB Cable
1 x English Manual
Lifetime of device is 2 years 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Ve Mou

Love it . Lifting a lot of my dead dry skin

Uh Oh

It works but OMG my face is purple and red 😫😫😫 I pray this goes back to normal. Going to try a mask or some aloe something. It’s horrible but the pores are clean and most black heads are gone.
Please please please test this product before using in your face. Don’t be like me 🥸😢

Alda Grant

Face Vacuum Cleaner


Love the product!
Shipment was delivered quickly.
Excellent customer service.

Just got my order!

I just received my product about a day or so ago and haven't used it yet. Once I do I'll definitely leave a review!