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About Us

Rude Gal Beauty is owned by Jamaican native Ameala Kirlew.

“I’ve been a skincare addict since I was 23 years old, my friends would always ask me for skincare advice, I was inspired to start my beauty company ever since I learned my friends thinks I’m a skincare guru lol, I’m not a licensed dermatologist but I would read and seek knowledge about skincare for my skin because not many products work for my complexion, I want girls to feel good about their skin and take pride in how they carry themselves. Your skin is the first thing people notice when they see you, self care is necessary”. Said Ameala


The name ‘Rude Gal’ derived from her Jamaican culture which is an expression normally used to refer to a rebellious or free spirited young woman. A woman who unapologetically loves herself and embrace her uniqueness.


Here at Rude Gal Beauty we celebrate all beauties, regardless of race, culture or background. We encourage self love and self-care, we are a growing community motivating and helping women feel good about themselves.

A percentage from every order is donated to our charity. Rude Gal Charity gives back to less fortunate people in third world countries. 

We are base in Florida, USA.

Established December 4, 2019.

Rude Gal Beauty LLC.


Photograph of founder Ameala Kirlew