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Ambassador Program Outlined


  • Ambassadors sign up on our website, once successfully signed up ambassadors receive a link, this link tracks orders from that ambassador. 20% automatically sends to your preferred payment method.


  • The goal is for ambassador to treat Rude Gal Beauty as their own, this could be another income source.


  • Create content on a regular basis, preferably daily. This gets more people interested on a daily basis, consistency is very important for people to take your business seriously and supports you.


  • To earn more you can run ads from your Instagram account using the promote button. Even though the promote button works, ads are more effective when set up from the business facebook manager.


  • Business facebook manager accounts should be set up by a professional only. Information on how to do this is on youtube but don’t recommend for first time users of the platform.


  • Ambassadors can hire facebook ads marketing professionals on or or reach out to us to help set up their account. Email for more on marketing.


  • Ambassadors enjoy their profit without the hassle of running a business or starting a business from scratch.


  • Rude Gal Beauty handles customer service, shipping, returns etc.

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